Hello! I’m Maggie

I am super happy you’re here! Join me as I learn to cultivate a life giving home through natural living, nourishing meals, and stewarding the little blessings God has given us. My husband, Oliver and I, married in 2019 and began our life together in Iowa. Shortly after we found ourselves packing up and moving to Texas where we became a family of 3 in 2020. Now, we are soon to deliver our second baby. In early 2020 we purchased the home we live in now. We have spent the past two years making our home a functioning, joy-giving, flourishing space. From simply painting the walls, to minimizing our belongings, to using our small yard to grow food for our family. I am passionate about cooking in the kitchen and running our home diligently and intensely. It thrills me to have this space to put into words the things that I’ve learned through my time as a homemaker. I hope you find encouragement throughout my blog.

As a now 24 year old, I am inspired by my past to live slowly and intentionally. Through a tough and very long battle with Lyme disease that began when I was 12 years old, I became inspired several years ago to ditch everything about the life I knew and seek to heal my body from the inside out. This is what sparked my passion for clean, natural living and handmade nourishment. It brings me joy to create meals in my kitchen- in my cast iron of course- and I hope to bring a little of that spark to your kitchen as well. You can also follow along for more daily life on Instagram or catch informative/ motherhood vlogs over on youtube.

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